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Summer is here! With family and friends, INSTANT SPORTS Plus takes you overseas, under the sun of a paradise island. Share a multitude of sporty and fun experiences without leaving your home.

• Explore an oasis full of history and mysteries. Blue lagoon, palm trees and hot sand… There are plenty of secrets to discover between two workouts.

• Team up, challenge your friends or try to beat your own records by breaking your limits. Up to 4 local players.

• Sportive, adventurers or Sunday players: 15 mini-games and sports activities are waiting for you! Jet ski, bowling, seaplane, wok, ice machine, table tennis and way more are here to relax.

• Unlock hundreds of items and customize your characters. Amaze your friends and the islanders with surprising costumes.

By the way, have you ever seen Santa Claus at the beach?

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Aeroplane, Archery, Bowling, Jetski, Mini-golf, Wakeboard, Wingsuit



Wok, Shell hunt, Ice cream, Table tennis, Air Hockey

 Mini games 


Fishing, Bug hunting, Metal Detector, Treasure hunt