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RELEASE JUNE 27th 2024!

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Prepare yourself for new adventures in the heart of Fort Boyard with the video game Fort Boyard – Sir Fouras' Challenges, based on the famous and successful France 2 television show, currently followed by several million viewers!

  • 50 events taken from the TV show, with the addition of 10 new events 

  • Several game modes: solo, cooperative or competitive 

  • Create your team in your image

About Fort Boyard - Sir Fouras' Challenges 

Be prepared: Sir Fouras raised the level of adventure at Fort Boyard!

With its 6 exclusive assets, one for each game, it will shake up the rules of the game!

As soon as you arrive in the Fort, select the asset of the evening, while Sir Fouras will guide you through his mysterious enigmas.

Get ready to experience epic challenges and push your limits!

  • 50 events taken from the TV show, with the addition of 10 new events such as Tug of War, Pirate Planks, Bank, Garage, and many more.

  • ​​Several game modes: solo, cooperative or competitive:

- Adventure

- Extended adventure with the 6 assets of Sir Fouras: Time Master, Solo Adventurer, Ghosts of the Past, Dilemma, Wheel of Fortune, Poisoned Gifts.

- Boyard Party

- Training


  • Create your team in your image: personalize the members of the group and choose your war cry to leave your mark on the Fort.​

  • Try to climb to the top of the rankings using the scoreboard at the end of the adventure!

Fort Boyard – Sir Fouras' Challenges will be available on June 27, 2024 on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

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